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Serial Number For Daemon Tools Lite 4.48.1




Q: PHP String Encoding issue I have an array of strings like this. $my_array = array("1d9d8aa0","1b9b7f86"); I want to convert it to this format. array("9d8aa0","7f86"); I did the following to achieve this. $out_array = array(); foreach ($my_array as $v) { $out_array[] = str_replace(array('d','b'), array('0','1'), $v); } But $out_array have an encoding issue. array("0d8aa0","0f86"); How can I correct it? I am using PHP 5.3. A: Try using the str_replace_all function instead of str_replace. It seems the first argument to str_replace is expecting a regular expression, whereas str_replace_all accepts a list of patterns to replace. So use something like this instead: $out_array[] = str_replace_all($v, array('d','b'), array('0','1')); ABBYY FineReader Pro 10 for Mac Simplify your document processing. Whether you have thousands or millions of documents to process or you just need to send a document to a printer, ABBYY FineReader Pro 10 for Mac is the software that will fit your needs. Dependable Document Reader Our best-in-class OCR software with high-speed processing, ClearReader 10, has become the gold standard among document readers. Your documents will be transformed into readable text in one minute or less. The PDF file format is the most popular file format used to exchange documents across all platforms. It is highly compatible with many applications and devices such as e-mail, web browsers, word processors, and social networking sites. It also supports many other file formats such as EPUB, DOC, RTF, and more. Maintain and share your document archives securely Relying on our highly innovative and secure document management system, FineReader PDF Document Server, allows you to preserve your documents for years to come. FineReader PDF Document Server provides




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Serial Number For Daemon Tools Lite 4.48.1

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